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Having An Entourage To Encourage | Jubilee Weddings and Events LLC

Having An Entourage To Encourage

Let’s all agree that this year has been interesting to say the least. Regardless of your views, and your stance on everything, it’s been a wild ride. That being said, weddings have been impacted. Wedding vendors, couples who were to be wed… so we’ve all had to adjust accordingly.

That’s why having a group of people in your corner throughout this insanity, is SO important. Having that entourage of bridesmaids and groomsmen, or even if you elope, having the family there to support you - goes such a long way.

Even if it’s a virtual conversation or a phone call - the support is there, and that is what will help you get through this uncertain time.

We’re not saying you have to have a large wedding party, especially if you’re trying to keep things small and simple. But having that specific friend, or even if it’s your wedding planner to keep you excited and on track - that’s what matters.

So hang in there! You’ve got this, and your day will be AMAZING.

Jubilee Weddings And Events LLC

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