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The Most Common Wedding Mistakes | Jubilee Weddings and Events

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

As wedding planners, we see a lot of mistakes being made, but that is only normal, as you’re not the wedding planner, and you’re not the one who does this for a living! So don’t take it personally, just let us help!

Many of these “Mistakes” are coming from experience, but also from The Knot’s blog post!

1. Saying Bye Bye To The Budget This is probably the most common, because who needs a budget, right? Wrong… we all need a budget, even if it’s high! This helps us prioritize items in the wedding. From important, to not so important. As your wedding planner, we will take over and make sure that you’re staying on track. Thanks to Aisle Planner, it makes it so we can all see it, rather than one of us being able to manage it. You’re still included!

2. Getting Too Attached This goes hand in hand with budget. If you’re getting really attached to a specific flower that is way out of budget, we can look at it and see what we can pull from. Do you really want the chairs that cost $5 extra, or do you want the gorgeous arrangements? We can help you decide with a clear mind. Afterall, it’s ALL so overwhelming to do on your own.

3. Sending Save The Dates Out Too Soon This is a common mistake that we see happen when we bring on a day of client. Make sure you think REALLY hard on your guest list, before sending out save-the-dates. This will avoid hurt feelings, when in the end you don’t send them an actual invite. Also, doing it 8-10 months in advance will allow people to plan accordingly.

4. Hiring Friends and Not A Pro Trust me, you DON’T want to dabble in this. The day of, you’re going to be the most nervous, and the most foggy you’ve ever been, because it’s the biggest day of your life. Don’t have a friend or an aunt handle any of the coordinating day of. This adds stress on your family, and you. That’s literally what we’re here for! Remember, they don’t do this for a living, and even if they did - we’ve seen it too many times, where it ends in drama.

5. Not Asking Enough Questions This is a big one. Without someone who does this on a very frequent basis, you may not know all the questions to ask. Nowadays, people rely on word of mouth, so I don’t believe you’d be taken advantage of, but you may not ask the right questions, which can lead to miscommunication. With us there, we will cover the basis, and ensure nothing is missed.

Overall, having a wedding planner, or coordinator there for the day of, is important. For your mental sanity, for your family’s mental sanity, and for the vendor's sanity! We’re all in this together - let’s make this day the best one yet.

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