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Seattle Event Planner Melissa of Jubilee Weddings & Events

Oh hey there! I’m Melissa, Certified Wedding planner and the Owner of Jubilee Weddings and Events. 


Believe it or not, I’ve done over 800 weddings over the last 14 years...yes my feet hurt, but it is SO worth it.  I have been a certified wedding and event planner since 2005 and recently refreshed my certification through The Bridal Society.  I am obsessed with wedding education.  I'm constantly listening to podcasts, taking Masterclasses, or updating our processes to grow the company.  Trends in this industry change constantly so we have to keep up!!

We take pride in coordinating weddings all over Western Washington.  We have had the pleasure of working at many venues around the Pacific Northwest and love being able to visit new venues too!!


If you came over here to learn a bit more about me… well brace yourselves!  I LOVE weddings and parties - I mean who doesn’t right?

From bridal showers and baby showers, to birthday parties and big celebrations, I want to be a part of it! 

Being married since 2005, I know how exciting it is to get married to the love of your life, so any chance I can get to help another couple, is a dream come true. 


Speaking of true love, we have an amazing 14 year old son, who doesn’t think I’m too strange just yet. I do act as his Uber driver to take him to sporting events, and school activities, but I wouldn’t change it for the world! 


Traveling is always on my to do list, especially if it’s near a Disney park or resort. Who else is a huge Disney fanatic? I can’t help it, Disney is a magical place!

Cooking is also one of my passions - it may get a little messy, because making up my own recipes is a frequent activity of mine in the kitchen. 


When I’m not planning or coordinating weddings, or when I don’t have one of my many other hats on, I LOVE kayaking. The movement of the water… the sun kissing my skin - there’s something so serene about it. Especially on a Washington lake. 


I cannot wait to meet you, and to be a part of your special day!!

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Meet Our Team


Leslie Fleshman-Lead Coordinator

Leslie has a PASSION for planning and has been with Jubilee for 12 years! Ever since she can remember, she has always loved decorating and creating memories and fun experiences with others. When she’s not thinking about coordinating weddings, she enjoys reading, boating, improving her home with fun DIY projects and online shopping (who doesn’t love a good deal?) In the end, connecting with people and helping our clients bring their vision to life is what she loves the most about this industry. We can’t wait for you to meet her!

MeLisa VanderVeen- Lead Planner/Coordinator


She is no stranger to the wedding industry, as she's been planning weddings for the past 16 years in Northwestern Washington! She loves the memories created when people come together for big celebrations. The culture, and the creativity of the couples & vendors who are involved is very beautiful to her. Her favorite part has to be when her couples say I do! The joining of two families... it's amazing. She is also really in tune with health and wellness! From creating new recipes to staying active, she loves doing this with her kids. Any excuse to get outside around the Pacific Northwest, is a good time for MeLisa.

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Kayla Honmyo- Assistant Planner/Coordinator

Kayla graduated last year with a BS in Business Marketing! Since starting with us, she has shown that she is AMAZING at assisting our lead coordinators, so we will be training her to become a lead this year! From her kind demeanor to her expertise in fundraisers and celebratory events - you'll want her helping you plan your big day. Her and her family have always loved celebrating! Whether it's a small holiday, or a large one - they know how to throw a party. She absolutely adores the creativity that comes with wedding planning, AND the fact that each wedding is totally customizable. Hello creative mind! In her free time, she loves going on adventures with her friends and family, shopping, baking, and swimming.

Victoria Fennell- Assistant Coordinator

We can’t believe it, but Victoria has been assisting us with weddings for an entire year now! She planned her entire wedding on her own because she loved every aspect of the process. She fell in love with the beauty and the magic of weddings. Victoria's favorite part of the wedding planning industry is that it's a huge celebration! When she's not at school or working, she loves road trips with her husband and her friends - oh and picnics at the beach.

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Monika Nuth- Lead Planner/Coordinator


Since Monika started with us, she showed such an amazing love for planning weddings and events. Because of that, she is now a lead planner and coordinator for us! From planning educational workshops and social events, to hosting dance showcases and other events, she has proven to be an amazing planner and a welcome addition to our team.  Monika really enjoys the process of making an idea become a reality, and is looking forward to coordinating a wedding that is smooth and memorable! She LOVES love. Seeing couples that are so in love is a special part of wedding planning for her. In her free time she enjoys dancing (hip hop oh yeah!) She also loves taking photos with her film camera. If there's anymore free time, catch her watching Netflix!

Samantha Iverson- Lead Coordinator


Samantha is a bright and bubbly gal with a love for planning.  Her passion turned into a career, because she is now a lead coordinator and planner with us!  She is currently taking classes at QC Event School (which is amazing) and she's helped many family member's with their weddings and has assisted putting on other family events. She is so excited to be a part of our team, because we are all so passionate about this industry. She LOVES to organize and the work that goes into making an event a reality. She says "Watching people's ideas come to life brings her so much joy." Her favorite part of this industry is helping bride and grooms have the most amazing day, and for it to be their dream come true. In her free time, she loves to read, go on walks/hike, watch Disney movies, and scrapbook! Let's see if she can do all of these at the same time.... 

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