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Behind The Scenes Of A Wedding Planner | Jubilee Weddings and Events

If you've ever seen The Wedding Planner, or any other glamorized wedding planning movies, you have to admit - the large team and endless resource list looks amazing! But reality is, this career path is tough and down right exhausting, but OH so worth every tough moment. We can't get over what it means to be a part of our couples' wedding day, but we're here to share the behind the scenes of a REAL wedding planner. Let's start from the beginning, shall we?

Before you even book with us, there will be a ton of emails! But when you officially book with Jubilee Weddings and Events, after the initial are you available email, we set you up with a platform called Aisle Planner. It's a website that will allow you, as the couple, and us, as the planners, to stay organized! From Checklists, to Timelines and Guest lists and more - this platform will be your best friend during this journey of planning your wedding.

Shortly after that, depending on what package you decide to go with, we will set up phone meetings, meetings in person or via zoom and discuss your vision! Your theme idea, how many guests, the list goes on and on, but all very important tasks. When in doubt, jump on the phone and we will be there for you throughout this entire process!

As a wedding planner, we specialize in many different packages. Whether you believe you're able to plan your wedding from Point A to Point B, or if you need more assistance in that realm, we're here from you from the very beginning! Not only do we do in person design meetings and walkthroughs of venues, or THE venue you've selected, we also love traveling throughout the state with you to meet your vendors in person. Whether it's the venue or individual people, it excites us to do this step with you!

After we meet and discuss your vision with your vendors, we get together design boards which will help all of us visualize your day. Want a greenery filled wedding? Throw it on a design board. An ice sculpture formed into a swan? Put it on there!

As we get closer, and timing starts to be discussed, we will put together the perfect timeline for the entire weekend. From rehearsal, to the farewell brunch. &. to top it all off, there's also the floor plan that needs to be set, which we have a lot of experience with, so let's collaborate!

Also, YES, we help with invitation etiquette. Don't want children there? We have ways to let those parents down easy... Seriously, from point A to Z - we've got your back.

As the business owner, we also have everything else between the lines. Making sure our lead coordinators are on track, social media is being managed, etc. We take pride in having a work / life balance over here.

If you ever have any questions regarding our process, please reach out on our Instagram! We love interacting with new couples on there.

Cheers! Jubilee Weddings and Events

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