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Budgeting For Your Wedding | Jubilee Weddings and Events

Let’s talk numbers!

Creating a realistic and manageable budget for your wedding is arguably the most important step in planning your wedding. It is so easy to get swept up in the engagement bliss and the wedding planning haze, that sometimes money management and budgeting can get pushed to the back of your mind. Understanding your budget to have the wedding of your dreams AND allocating it correctly to your vendors and venues is super important!

Here is a list of 7 of the more expensive costs that should be considered when planning your dream wedding:

Venues: Depending on your guest size and the amenities you’re wanting, the venue can easily be the most expensive part of your budget. Venues range from fully equipped and all inclusive, to a more minimal vibe with fewer resources. If you’re considering an outdoor venue, keep in mind the rental costs that come along with that.

Rentals: Your venue could offer all of the rentals included in the final price or you might have to budget in chairs, tents, tables, serving dishware, dance floor, lighting, bathrooms, etc. Depending on what is available in your area, it may be more cost effective to find a venue that is a bit more expensive but includes the rentals you may need. 

Food and beverage: Food is another huge expense. There is definitely more wiggle room when nailing down your budget for catering and beverages. This all depends on what type of food you plan to serve, including full course meals, hors d'oeuvres, full bar, desserts and how many people you’re planning to feed at the reception. Consider outside catering sources, food trucks or hiring your own servers to help cut some costs in this department.


Photography and videography: Having a reliable and affordable photographer/videographer is one of the costs that most couples tend to spend the extra money on. Every couple wants their wedding day captured perfectly, with hundreds of photos to look back on over the years. Basic wedding packages from local photographers are less expensive than paying for out of area travel expenses for other photographers. Also, depending on whether you want your photographer taking photos of you getting ready, set up and the entire reception - the more hours the photographer works, the more it will cost.

Wedding planner or coordinator fees: We might be a little bias but we definitely think if your budget allows it, hiring a wedding planner or coordinator is so worth it! The expense of wedding planner costs vary, depending on whether you want basic organization, day of coordination or full service planning of the entire wedding from start to finish. We offer a wide range of services and rentals that we hope fit into everyone’s budget! 


Entertainment: This expense sometimes gets lost in rentals but it also may go along with your venue expense. There are many options for providing entertainment during your ceremony and reception. Consider having a professional DJ to take song requests and emcee the reception or hiring a live band to play your favorite music for the ceremony. There’s also the option of creating a massive playlist with various music styles that just plays throughout the night.  

Attire: The prices of wedding dresses and grooms attire, ranges depending on the style you’re looking for. Factor in your wedding dress, alterations and cleaning/steaming services. Consider full tuxedos or go for more casual groom clothing to best fit your budget. If you can, splurge on your perfect wedding attire! Looking and feeling amazing on your wedding day will make it all the more memorable!

These are some of the main expenses when getting started on your wedding planning journey. Planning your dream wedding should be exciting and stress free, and going into the planning process with realistic expectations and budgeting practices can make the whole process easier and more efficient!   

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