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Dana and Hawkins | Volunteer Park Conservatory | Jubilee Weddings and Events

Dana and Hawkins were such a sweet couple, and we wish we could rewind and re-do their day all over again! From the ceremony location, to the fun reception and fun time they had, it was perfect. Although it was an intimate, small, wedding, it was an absolute dream!

To start the day off, Hawkins and Dana got ready in the same suite at The Fairmont Olympic Hotel, and I really love when couples mix things up like this! There wasn't a bridal party, so they wanted to spend as much time with each other as possible.

It was an honor to help them get ready! From pinning Hawkin's boutonniere, to helping Dana put her dress on, it felt like a dream role. Their doggo even got ready, even though he couldn't attend the ceremony! Thank goodness we got some good photos though.

As Hawkins and I went downstairs to wait for Dana to make her entrance, he told me all about their love story, and it never gets old. Love is such a beautiful thing, and hearing the groom's perspective is so refreshing.

We all started going towards the ceremony venue, which was at Volunteer Park Conservatory (absolutely gorgeous) and spoke for itself! NO decor was needed, and it was a dream.

When I arrived at the ceremony location, we couldn't get inside to get the ceremony started! Dana and Hawkins were in the best spirits and were so relaxed about the entire thing! Dana even wanted to make sure that the employee that had an emergency was ok... how sweet! We ended up having the ceremony in front of the Conservatory, which worked out wonderfully!

Once we finally got inside, even though the ceremony was complete, their guests enjoyed the displays, and Hawkins and Dana got to take some photos inside too - so it was a win! Dana refused a refund from the venue, because the money goes towards the conservatory fund... she's the best.

After they hung out for a little while, it was time for dinner and cake! El Gaucho was the "reception" location, so we all jumped into Ubers, and headed that way.

Overall, small weddings have so many perks! It's more relaxed, easy going, and truly a wonderful experience overall for everyone. Thank you Dana and Hawkins for allowing us to be a part of your big day.


Hair and Makeup: Sarah Ren

Harpist: Alishia Joubert (Alishia Harp)

Officiant: David Cooper (Forever Together Seattle)

Getting ready: Fairmont Olympic

Reception/Dinner: El Gaucho

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