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Gift Ideas For Your Wedding Party | Jubilee Weddings and Events

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Being based in Seattle Washington, there are a lot of ideas that roll throughout couples' minds when we have them brainstorm gift ideas for their bridal parties. After all, they are there for you throughout every step of your journey, leading up to the big day! A gift isn't totally necessary, but it's a kind gesture.

Bridal party wedding pajamas

PHOTO BY Memories by Lindsay

On today's post, we will be sharing some of our favorite gifts that we've seen! Some are unique, and some are just cute even though they've been used before.

1. Pajamas

Bridal party wedding pajamas

PHOTO BY Brit Solie of Solie Designs

Ladies, who doesn't love a good PJ set? That's why these are so popular. Pop a bottle of champagne and give each other hugs, because these photos are too adorable! Whether they're silky, or made of cotton, you can find affordable sets on We've also seen the groomsmen all match too - that's too much fun.

2. Jewelry Jewelry is always a sweet gesture, and will be carried with your bridal party for years to come! It will also look so sweet in photos, since everyone will look uniform and beautiful. Gentleman, you TOO can have jewelry! Fun leather bracelets, a cool tie clip... a lot of options!

3. Yeti Cups / Champagne Glasses

Wedding gift for bridal party personalized cups

PHOTO BY Taylor and Madye

This is always a hit! Whether they're customized with names, or simply just simple without, your crew will love this! It's thoughtful and again, will be used for years to come.

4. Cigars For the guys, if they're all into cigars, this is always a sweet idea too! Also, awesome for photos - aren't they all?

5. Scarves Customized scarves are a thing, especially in the Fall and Winter! This is a great way to stay uniformed in photos, and add a bit of customization. How cute would it be, if you chose another color in your color scheme, and when it started to get chilly, all of your ladies throw a scarf around their shoulders! SO cute...

6. Toiletry Bags Toiletry Bags or Makeup Bags are also a fun idea. Again, something that can be used for years to come and can bring back a lot of fun memories. There are so many options online to choose from!

We hope you choose one of these fun gift ideas for your bridal party! If you do, let us know on our social media.

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