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How To Be a Good Wedding Vendor | Jubilee Weddings and Events

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Now that we've gone over how to be a good wedding guest, let's talk about how to be a good vendor! For couples looking to hire vendors, this will be a great resource to look back on when booking.

Obviously, these things may be preference, but since we've been in the wedding business for so long, we know what to look for! Even if vendors have been in the business for years - make sure you read reviews and maybe ask around... specifically, ask your wedding planner!

Here are 4 ways to be a great vendor in this business -

  1. Make sure you're COVERED. As in insurance! Liability and business insurance is so important to have as someone who is dealing with couples' money and budget. Depending on the vendor, it looks different. Ensure that you're covered, so not only are you protected, but your couple will feel better about your legitimacy.

  2. If the couple has a planner- Reach out to the planning team first before asking the couple a bunch of questions. The planner most likely has the answer.

  3. Add your email to your website. So often we are hunting for an email address and don't want to submit an inquiry form to contact you.

  4. Be a stickler on those reviews! I know this has everything to do with other peoples' experiences, but if you go out of your way to be a great vendor, and to ask for those positive reviews, you'll be surprised at how many consultations you'll acquire.

  5. Have options. Like us, as wedding planners, we have different packages. This allows the couple to feel as though they have an option, which ultimately gives them a little more control. We're not saying to lower your prices, or to have a "budget friendly" package - but if a couple can pick and choose specific things within their selection, they'll be happier in the long run!

  6. Be kind and be responsive. Be kind and make friends with other vendors, we are all in this together and your fellow vendors are your repeat customers. Referrals can go a long way!

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