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How To Honor Lost Loved Ones | Jubilee Weddings and Events LLC

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

We LOVE when we see "memory tables" or "memory areas" for our couples' who have lost loved ones. Whether it was recent, or a long time ago, sharing the love for them is so special, and we know they are there in spirit.

Flower bouquet

From saving the first seat at the ceremony, to creating a table or area for photos, candles, memorial pieces - there's a way to create a space where everyone can pay their respects to your loved ones who passed away. You can even add memorabilia into your bouquet, or subtly in the decor too.

When we lose our loved ones, whether it was a long time ago or shortly before the big day, it's never easy. But being able to see their faces in photographs, or even a flower remembering them, can make it a little easier. After all, this is the most magical day of your lives thus far, why not have them be a part of it in some way?

If you have other ways of showcasing your loved ones who have passed away, make sure to let us know on social media!

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