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How To Keep It Together During Wedding Planning! | Jubilee Weddings And Events

Since it's Mental Health Awareness Month, we first off have to say, you've got this. No matter what you're going through, remember that this is the best time of your life and that enjoying the process is SO important!

On today's post, we're going to be giving you 4 tips on how to keep it together through the planning process. You ready?

  1. BREATHE. This may be self explanatory, but breathe. Breathe through the stressors of getting the timeline ready to go. Breathe through the endless options of decor and colors. Breathe through the opinions and extra advice that wasn't solicited. Remember that it's YOUR day, and everything you've ever dreamed of, can come to life.

  2. Be PATIENT. Patience is a virtue and we promise it will make things a little easier. When your patient with the process, things will just happen! Whether you're selecting a venue, or menu options... or listening to advice from other people, if you stay patient, calm and collected, you'll notice a big change in your attitude about the entire day itself.

  3. WRITE things down. Write everything down! Whether it's about your wedding details, the wedding day, or just about how you feel - it will translate into a way to cope with the stress that comes with a wedding.

  4. Hire a PLANNER. Hiring a planner will be the best way to avoid a lot of stress! From booking appointments, attending them, writing everything down, booking vendors, helping you with your budget, and much much more, a wedding planner will take a lot off of your plate so you can enjoy every minute.

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