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Planning and designing the layout for your reception is often a strategic and time consuming task. There's so much to decide where to place items such as the food tables, entertainment, dancing area, and dessert station. One way to help organize and design the perfect reception area layout is having assigned seating charts. Traditional seating arrangements where the bride and grooms families sit on their respective sides is definitely seen less often as wedding traditions modernize. General open seating is more often seen, but can lead to excess or empty tables and more separation. Having assigned seating at a wedding reception has become a more regular part of the planning process and can benefit both the planner and the guests attending in many ways. Here are a few pros to assigning seating at your reception:

Everyone has a spot.

It's simple, having assigned seating means everyone has their own designated seat. This means no one sits alone at a table and crowds will be less spread out and more congregated in the right areas.

Limits chaos and potential conflict.

This also allows you, as the planner, to decide who does and doesn't get to sit with each other. This can help avoid any potential conflict arising between guests and keep awkward situations at bay.

Better conversation and more people meeting.

Assigned seating can make it so similar guests can sit together which allows for better conversing and a more relaxed and comfortable environment. You can group people who know each other together and arrange single attendees or people who may not know many people, at tables where they can get to know others.

More organized reception layout.

Additionally, having assigned seating allows you to only plan for as many seats/tables as you need which will leave you more room in your layout for other items or decorations. Having an exact head count of seats and tables will be easier to maneuver when you're organizing other areas such as the food, gift, and dessert tables.

All in all, having assigned seating at your wedding reception can provide a more comfortable ambiance for you and your guests and allow for more room to arrange other items within the reception. Small details like seating charts can really take loads of stress off and allow you to focus on other areas of planning. Plus, there are some unique and elegant ways to display seating arrangements that are sure to fit any wedding theme or style!

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