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Selecting The Perfect Venue For Your Big Day

Selecting The Perfect Venue For Your Big Day!

Congratulations, you’re engaged! It’s an exciting time in your life, and you deserve to shout it from the rooftops that you’re getting married! Whether it is this year, or next, your wedding day is the best day of your life. On today’s blog post, we are going to give you a few things to think about when touring venues. Happy New Year!

1. Go Into The Tour With An Open Mind When you go into the tour, make sure you have an open mind! It’s so important to understand that, yes, you may have a list of important things that you want a venue to have, but it’s also important to be realistic about your expectations. Remember, every venue is different. They all have different accommodations that may impress you, or may not interest you, and that’s OK!

2. Make A List Create a list of your expectations, even though we suggest being open minded! It’s OK to have specific desires for your dream wedding venue, so having a list of questions is always helpful. This will also allow the owner, or venue coordinator to further assist you and your needs. Sometimes, venue coordinators will make exceptions, so don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Venue - Metropolist Photographer - Solie Designs

3. Accommodations Every venue is different. Some have specific accommodations that others do not. Such as, a “borrow room”. A room where you can utilize decorations throughout the venue. Some venues offer tables and chairs without an extra cost - but some venues also charge extra due to damage previously inflicted on the furniture. These are questions and concerns that should be brought up during your tour. Is there lodging? Is there a place to get ready at the venue for the bride AND groom? Let us know if you’d like to see a list of questions we’d recommend bringing to your meeting.

Venue - Events on 6th

4. Pricing This goes hand in hand with #2 and #3, but making sure that it is in your budget is so important - obviously. But that is when comparing venues comes into play. One may be more affordable than the other, but it also may not have the accommodations that the other one that is a bit more expensive comes with. That is why getting a planner to help with the selection is very important. We can help you understand this situation and lay it out for you.

5. Indoor Or Outdoor Depending on when you’re getting married, you may want to have an indoor, or at least a covered, option. If you’re feeling good about the weather, an outdoor space is always ideal! Especially if it looks like a secret garden. But depending on where you live, and what time of the year you’re planning on tying the knot - having that plan B is important. Of course, there are tents, but that is an added cost that you may not have to worry about with a venue with the indoor option. So keep that in mind!

We hope these tips will help you with your venue selection process! This may seem like the most stressful part of planning, but with our help, it’ll be a breeze.

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