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Signature Cocktails | Jubilee Weddings and Events

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Signature Cocktails

When planning a wedding, of course you want it to be special and you’ll want your big day to stand apart from any other wedding, right?! There are numerous ways to make your wedding different from the rest - like coming up with a Signature Cocktail!

Champagne toast at Salish Lodge

What is more fun to stand out than by creating your favorite cocktail for your wedding guest to enjoy? Having your signature cocktail is a fun extra element to include to make your wedding a little bit more exciting and unique.

There are multiple ways you can get creative with adding your signature cocktail to your wedding menu! One option is deciding whether you want to create a single cocktail that you both love, or you can have double the fun by creating two signature cocktails, one for him and one for her! This option has each of you pick your favorite drink to add to your bar menu. The last option is a combination of the previous two! Where you each pick your favorite drink and then you also pick one drink that you both love, adding a total of three signature cocktails to your menu.

Signature drink

Now that you have your bar menu decided, continue the fun with naming it. Your drink names can be "His" and "Hers" which is simple and sweet… but if you want to have a little more fun with it, you could name the cocktail "Lovebirds" or "Drunk in Love", etc. Make it YOURS!

Signature wedding drink

If you want to make it even more fun and personal, find a cute way to display your signature cocktail menu. A couple of ideas are putting it on the napkins over at the bar or simply making a signature drink sign that is large enough to catch your guests' eyes!

Your wedding will be memorable no matter what you do, but it is always fun to add more personal touches.

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