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Summer is approaching, which means warmer weather, longer nights and a lot of weddings! The summer months from June to September are some of the most popular months to get married because everything just seems brighter and happier. Some of the more exotic honeymoon spots are best visited in the summer as well, so couples tend to plan around that also. If you're planning an outdoor summer wedding, here are a few tips to keep in mind and help make your big day, comfortable, enjoyable and memorable for everyone.

Avoid the hottest part of the day. This varies depending on where you live, but typically in the pacific northwest the sun reaches its highest point between noon and 3pm. So, to keep guests and yourselves comfortable, if planning your wedding outdoors, shoot for an early evening ceremony to catch cooler air as the sun descends.

Choose a lighter dress code for your bridal party. Allow them to choose their own dresses for comfortability or make sure to get their opinions on hair and make-up. You don't want your bridal party standing up with you sweating and uncomfortable; that's not fun for anyone. Additionally, be open to the guest attire being more lighter and comfortable as well. You can't expect a black suit and tie and formal dresses when the weather is over 80.

Provide plenty of shade for any guests that need it. Having a space in the shade where guests can still enjoy and participate in the party is crucial to overall comfortability and ambiance. Rent a tent or position your ceremony near an indoor seating area. Everyone will then be able to fully enjoy your wedding instead of watching the clock waiting for it to be over.

Provide plenty of refreshments and nourishment. Consider having refreshments available for the guests or immediately after the ceremony. You don't necessarily need a cocktail hour (although nobody will frown upon that) but even just offering water or iced tea will help beat some of that heat exhaustion. Also, offering a charcuterie board or appetizers will keep the guests satisfied during that buffer time so they aren't just sitting around hot and uncomfortable.

Provide an indoor/tented reception or eating area. If your desire is to keep the entire wedding outdoors, plan for tents or shaded areas for people to sit under while eating. If it's available, take the reception indoors- it'll be a temperature controlled area where everyone can focus on eating, dancing and having fun!

Overall, make sure you, as the couple, have the dream wedding you've always wanted but also, that your loved ones who will be sharing your special day with you are comfortable and taken care of. If offering some simple options such as shaded seating, refreshments or iced water will keep your guests happy and comfortable, then we promise your day will be nothing short of magical and everyone invited will have a blast!

Jubilee Weddings and Events

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