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The Best Time To Book A Vendor

Did you know that there are specific time frames to book each vendor? From your florist, to your venue and photographer, booking them right on time is so important - or else you may not book the vendors you want.

With the pandemic and having to cancel and postpone, we know it’s hard to find venues and vendors who are available. But, as things begin to get “back to normal” we will begin to see vendors getting back to normal too.

On today’s post, we’re going to share some tips and times for you to reach out to your vendors if you choose to plan your wedding on your own!

Venue -

We recommend booking your wedding venue as soon as you get engaged! Yes, maybe even the day of, if it doesn’t happen in the evening. Schedule a tour at a couple, and see which one makes your heart flutter!

Photographer -

This is another vendor we recommend getting booked ASAP. Photographers, especially if they’re in high demand, need more time to schedule engagement sessions, and everything leading up to the wedding day! Remember, a lot more goes into photographing a wedding.

Catering -

Catering can be booked a little later on, but it is still important for you to book them ASAP. Especially if they’re well-known. You can book them for your date, and just adjust the number of people attending. If you’re doing specific menus and allowing people to choose between meats, this may be more time sensitive.

Florals -

Florals can also be put off for a little while, but again, get in with your favorite florist! Book them, then adjust your order throughout your planning process. This goes for all of your vendors in our opinion. If you have your eyes and heart set on particular vendors, just book them, and adjust accordingly.

Hair & Makeup-

Hair and makeup can also be booked way in advance, but you can schedule your trial later on. If your bridesmaids also want their hair and makeup done, it's important to let them know so they can have the proper help for the day of.

Live Music or DJ-

Live music needs to be booked as soon as possible, because if they’re one of a kind, we are sure they’ll be booked up! A DJ can be more flexible, as they usually have teams. Again, book who you want ASAP, but don’t stress too much about doing it on the same day as you were proposed to!

Rentals -

Rentals are an important part of your wedding day because of the linens, centerpieces, ceremony decorations… but these can be ordered closer to the big day! Again, putting it into their calendar is always a good idea, but decisions can be made later on.

All in all, vendors should be booked ASAP. No matter who they are - but some can be booked a bit later on than others. Don’t procrastinate if you have some in mind! They book up fast…

We hope these tips will help you during your wedding planning process!

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