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The Importance Of Rehearsals | Jubilee Weddings and Events

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Photography - James Thomas Long

Let's touch a bit on the importance of rehearsals before the big day. We, as a wedding planning company, INSIST on doing a wedding rehearsal before your wedding day and there are many great reasons why.

Having a rehearsal eliminates any confusion as to each person’s role in the wedding ceremony. It allows everyone involved to get to know each other and have a more realistic view on the events of the wedding day. It also lets you work out and kinks or hiccups that you may come across but had not thought of before. And, actually rehearsing and walking through the ceremony plans, allows you to make changes to anything should you decide it works better one way or another. If you have kids or pets or anyone who may need a bit more instruction, having a rehearsal allows them to get a better feel of what's expected and become more comfortable with their part. Most importantly, it helps ease your (the couple) jitters and worries having practiced and rehearsed, knowing any and all issues are worked out and you can focus on your partner and actually getting married!

Photography - Sounds Original

Aside from the rehearsal leading to a more organized, structured, time flowing ceremony, it's also just a really fun way to gather with all your best people and relax and unwind before your big day. We promise that having a wedding rehearsal will make your actual wedding day so much more enjoyable and stress-free!

Photography - Lloyd Photo and Films (Amanda Lloyd)

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