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Unique Wedding Ideas | Jubilee Weddings and Events

In the wedding world, we often go for easy trends. Why? Well, because they’re easy and a lot of the DIY’s have tutorials that anyone can follow! But what if we shared with you some pretty unique foods, decor, and activities that some of our couples have had on their big day with you?

Would that make you feel inspired? If so, we hope you’ll tag us and let us know which one you’re going to take on!

Let’s talk about some unique foods that we’ve seen -

-S’mores Bar - YES a S’mores bar! Full of chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers, plus a whole buffet of other goodies to put together! This works if you have some sort of fire of course, but you can make it unique and get a table flame (if your venue allows that).

-Ice Cream Truck - An ice cream truck is fun, quirky, and super cute parked on the venue’s property. It can add a piece of decor that you didn’t even know you were missing! Plus, who doesn’t love ice cream? Get a ton of flavors to satisfy anyone’s craving, in particular, YOURS!

-Taco Trucks - We’ve seen these quite a bit in the weddings we've coordinated, but you can create a unique feel, depending on the truck you go with. A lot of vendors will try and fit your esthetic, just ask!

- Pies For Dessert - Forget the fancy cake - do hand pies or mini pies! They’re easy to eat and look absolutely beautiful. Our eyes definitely draw to those dessert tables…

-BOBA - You know, the tapioca balls that have a funny texture, but are really delicious? We’ve seen these as buffets and as a walk-up, order, type of situation too. It’s genius!

Now let’s talk about decor -

- Greenery - Decor is always unique to the couple, but did you know, half of our clientele did greenery and some kind of white flower in 2019? This is called a trend, which isn’t a bad thing, but isn’t quite unique! Mix it up, or don’t, with brighter colors, or even brighter table accessories to compliment the greenery.

- Bohemian tapestry - This is such a fun and relaxed look that we always appreciate. It’s becoming more common for weddings to feel more bohemian, but the beauty of it is that you can dress it up or keep it minimalistic.

Music -

  • Dueling Pianos - Ever see (or hear) a piano band at a wedding? They’re FUN and exciting. Oh and different. We’ve enjoyed our time when listening to piano players. It’s a different sound that we’re not used to.

  • Live Music - We see this more often, but still not as often as you’d think! We get it - a DJ has ALL the music you could ever want, but, there’s something so fun about live music that really brightens up a room, and dance floor.

Unique wedding ideas have turned into trends, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put your own flare into each idea! We cannot wait to hear if you take on any of these fun ideas.

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