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When it comes to your wedding day, it is so important to recognize that, even if you choose to have a wedding similar to someone else's on Pinterest, your wedding is unique to you and your significant other. Regardless, if you use greenery as centerpieces, or white flowers billowing throughout the venue, you can make this unique to who YOU are.

Let's talk about some ways you can make your wedding a little more YOU.

From ice cream trucks, food trucks, sushi artists, and more...

1. Food Trucks

You may see food trucks popping up at weddings these days, but that's because they're cost effective, AND super cute. Some companies have a specific truck just for weddings, and it will ultimately work with your decor. Photo by Sound & Sea Photography

To make the experience unique, have different menu options, and treat it like a real food truck! We recommend ensuring that your food truck service provider makes the food before hand to avoid a long wait.

2. Ice Cream Trucks / Frozen Desserts

You don't have to have an ice cream truck there, but a little stand is the perfect addition for dessert! Choose a few flavors, have a table with additional sweets, and your guests will enjoy.

Photo by Elishia Jackson Photography Ice Cream Cart - Aha Party Co.


S'mores are always a good time, and they taste delicious! Either have the s'mores packaged up for a party favor, or have them brought out when it gets dark, and get to roastin'!

4. Customize Your Wine!

Why not get those cute wine labels and place a bottle on each table? This will add a decor piece that can actually be utilized, and it's unique to you and your honey. Add a photo, or your names - it'll be special! Remember to save one for yourselves to keep.

5. Charcuterie Menu

If you're having an intimate wedding, we've been seeing couples get custom made charcuterie boards made with the menu written on them in gorgeous calligraphy! This could also be a great wedding favor for your guests to take

home. Photo by Cluney Photo

6. Bouquet Alternatives

We've been seeing wreaths, purses, balloons, & lanterns in some of our research, and we think it is SO fun to mix it up! Especially for wedding photos... can you imagine looking back in 10 years and seeing how different the trends are?

Photo by DearheartPhotos

7. Beverage Cart

First of all, The Beviamo Tap Truck is one of the cutest beverage carts we've seen, and it's always a HUGE hit at weddings! The beverage truck's name is Hank, and he is equipped with a Lindr system for dispensing all of those yummy drinks from the kegs. Because they use a cooling technology, it allows them to serve drinks at the perfect temperature and doesn’t require you to keep them on ice until they’re ready to be served!

All in all, there are several ways to add a little bit of a unique touch to your wedding day! We get it, trends are trends for a reason, but remember to have fun with it, and mix it up!

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