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Using Family Vs. Vendors | Jubilee Weddings and Events

As we all know, weddings can get expensive! A lot of the times, we would like to lean on family for specific tasks, but in the long run, is it worth it? On today's blog post we're going to be discussing the pros and cons of each. Using family members, vs. vendors!

Of course we want to support our wedding vendors as much as we can, but sometimes a family member is able to do a task, especially if you're on a budget. Here are the pros...

  1. You obviously save money when using your family members! Whether it's homemade appetizers, or DIY decorations, you'll save money in this area.

  2. You'll make a family member feel included. If they're not in the wedding, this may be a good opportunity to have them feel like they have a role!

Now for the cons...

  1. You guessed it, even though you're saving money, it may not turn out the way you wanted it to. This can cause tension, which is never good on your wedding day!

  2. Organization goes out the window, and so does relying on that person. Again, going back to hurting someone's feelings - this can happen when things aren't going as planned. Doing things on your own, such as floral arrangements, appetizers, etc. can take a lot of time, especially if there's a lot going on. (which there will be!)

  3. Your family ultimately wants to be in the moment and enjoy your big day. They can't quite do that if they're focusing on re-filling the appetizer table, or setting out arrangements!

  4. There isn't a contract so they could not show up

  5. They don't have insurance to cover anything that goes wrong

  6. You can't tell them how you really feel about an idea... or else feelings are hurt!

Professionals are experienced in their field and know what to do when something goes wrong!

We want to say there are some cons when hiring a vendor for specific tasks for your wedding day, but other than being a little out of budget, it is WORTH it. If you're having a big wedding, allowing your vendors to take over will help you, as the bride and groom, feel stress-free - which is always the goal in our opinion. If you're looking to save some money, do little DIYS for decor and make it a fun craft night! But do not skip out on the importance of a wedding coordinator, (especially for day of), a caterer with an appetizer package, and a rental company who will set up your wedding for you!

We hope this helps you make your decision when you're planning your big wedding in 2023. Congratulations!

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