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Washington Wedding & Events | Why Hiring Professionals Is So Important

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Why Hiring Professionals Is The Best Decision You’ll Make When Planning A Wedding

Hiring professionals may seem like the obvious thing to do when fixing an issue in your home, or solving an IT problem at work. But for some reason, when couples are planning their wedding, they seem to cut corners. Although that is OK for some areas of your wedding, you definitely want to keep in mind that the more professional the vendor, the more likely your wedding will be absolutely stunning and go extremely smoothly.

Here are a few reasons why we believe hiring professional vendors for your big day is so important -

  1. Your Day Will Feel Like A Dream As professionals, we know the day extremely well. We do this A LOT, like several weekends in a year, so we definitely know planning a wedding from the beginning to the end. As far as other vendors, if they are professional, they will maintain an amazon standard that will allow you to relax on your big day.

  2. Prep Work Will Be SO Simple Prep work is always a huge task. Whether you’re planning years in advance, or 6 months in advance, prepping for a wedding is a lot. Having professionals coordinate appointments, selecting pieces that they think you’ll love (narrowing down items), etc. will allow you to let go a little bit.

  3. Cutting Corners May End Up In A Liability Cutting corners is never ok. Especially when it’s your big day! This is definitely the most important day of your life, so ensuring that you don’t cut corners on big aspects is so important. Such as, the photographer. You can never re-do the same wedding again, so having professional photos will help you remember this day forever. Catering is also important. What if someone gets sick from the food uncle Joe whips up? Someone can sue (even if it is just family). A caterer can also be sued, but they have liability insurance. Trust us, a well catered wedding is worth it, and your guests will thank you!

  4. Esthetic Is Key Speaking of professionalism, florists may not seem like a very important vendor to hire, especially since a lot of people can DIY their arrangements, but trust us, they are SO important. They know placement, they know what looks good, and they will not bug you AT ALL on the big day. That is HUGE! I don’t know how many times we’ve been confronted by aunt Sue placing arrangements on the tables in the wrong way…

  5. Less Stress For The Family Having professionals work your wedding will even allow your family to relax. Mom doesn’t have to put out salsa for appetizers on the table, because we’ve got it taken care of! Dad doesn’t have to bartend because your bartender is already hired! Also - alcohol can even come with a bartending package, so again, another thing you don’t have to worry about! A wedding is for you and your forever love, but it’s also to celebrate WITH your family. Don’t make them work!

These are just a few of our reasons WHY hiring a professional is going to create such a special day for you and your partner, and even for your family!

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