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Let's talk about wedding guest attire for a minute! Being invited to any wedding is usually a fun and exciting time, but for some, it can cause unnecessary stress when trying to plan out and put together the right outfit. Although, you're not auditioning to be the next runway model, you still want to look and feel your best while also staying comfortable and respectful. Here are a few things to consider when planning out your next wedding day attire:

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Location. What type of venue will the wedding be held at? If it's indoors at a fancier, more black tie location such as Hotel 1000 or the Olympic Rooftop Pavilion, then plan for dressier clothes such as a maxi dresses or a suit and tie. If it's being held at the Kelley Farm or Wine and Roses, then maybe something more casual and relaxed.

Weather. This goes along with location. If the wedding is being held at an outdoor venue, consider the time of year and time of day the wedding festivities will be held. Dress appropriate for the season, meaning long sleeves and pants may be necessary for spring or fall weddings and short sleeves or knee high dresses for the summer. Also, remember that it is hottest in the middle of the day, so plan accordingly based on what time the wedding and reception are being held.

Comfort. This is one key and often times overlooked. Attending a wedding usually takes up all or most of your day. So wearing clothing that is comfortable to spend a whole day in, is important. You're going to be walking, sitting, dancing and eating and drinking. So when rummaging through your closet, go for something classy yet comfortable.

Special requests. It is not uncommon for the bride and groom to make special dress code requests on their invitations. Whether it says to dress formal, black tie or casual, make sure to respect their request while keeping in mind all the aforementioned considerations.

Overall, planning what to wear to a wedding shouldn't cause any grey hairs. It'll be a fun and special event which will be more enjoyable if you're showing off your personal fashion sense while also staying comfortable and classy.

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