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Weddings and Dogs | Jubilee Weddings and Events

Most people love dogs right? From their sweet snuggles to their adorable outfits on the wedding day - there’s something so sweet and calming about seeing a dog in a wedding! That being said, some venues don’t allow this, so make sure to ask your venue before proceeding to bring your furry friend to your wedding.

Photographer: Robert Paetz

Why do people bring their dogs? Well, they’re family aren’t they?! They live with you, they are with you most of the time, and love you unconditionally. That’s TRUE love.

Photographer: Robert Paetz

From engagement sessions to the actual wedding day, your dog can be a part of your story. Who wouldn’t want to see your lovely furry friend up on your wall in a gallery? We can see it now!

Photographer: Robert Paetz

Did you know that you can hire a company in Seattle to watch your dog after the ceremony? They’re called Fetch Pet Care of Seattle, and we think it’s pretty neat. You don’t have to worry about where your dog will go afterwards, and they’ll be safe and taken care of.

Photographer: Valen Lee Photography

There are also ways to involve your dog a bit more into your wedding day - and that is to have wedding favors for their guest’s dogs at home! Isn’t that cute? You can also include them in your cake topper, which is shown above. We can’t get enough of this trend!

Photographer: Valen Lee Photography

If your dream is to have your dog involved in your big day, let’s make it happen!

Jubilee Weddings and Events LLC

The Hall - Photographer: Robert Paetz

Hotel - Valen Lee Photography

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