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What To Add To Your Day Of Timeline | Jubilee Weddings and Events

Planning for your wedding is hard work. It’s stressful and time consuming and tedious. And when the day comes, you deserve nothing more than to focus on the only thing that matters that day; YOU AND YOUR PARTNER! But, that's easier said than done and we totally get that. But that's where we come in! As a wedding planning company, we want nothing more than to take all that time consuming, tedious and stressful work off your plate. We will take all your ideas and bring them to light and make sure the wedding you've been dreaming of your whole life is perfect! One of the biggest reasons we get hired is to control your day of schedule and facilitate that everything gets done correctly throughout the day. So while we are fully prepared to do all the work in creating your perfect schedule, you've still got to do some leg work in deciding what all you want included in your timeline. Here are a few "must haves" when deciding what to make time for on your wedding day.

Morgan and Isaac- Farm 12

Photography - Kayla Scofield (not WA)

  • First Looks - Trust us when we tell you that a first look is truly MAGICAL! Those few moments you'll spend together, seeing each other dressed up for the first time, will be a lasting memory. Not to mention the photos always turn out incredible. Whether it's the bridal party first look, bride and father, groom and mother or bride and groom, you won't regret setting aside that extra time for those perfect moments.

Ashlynn and Marc- Private Residence

Photography - Jaime Denise Photography

  • Cocktail Hour - Whether you're actually going to serve cocktails or just offer water and a light snack, squeeze in some time right after the ceremony to sneak away and get the rest of your photos together. Depending on the time of your ceremony, this would be a great time for sunset photos, plus you'll still be basking in your new nuptial agreement so you'll both be glowing exceptionally well for photos.

Jessica and Christian- Wine and Roses

Photography - Rebecca Jane Photography

Thank Yous - Aside from speeches and toasts, its super important to squeeze in a few extra minutes for you, as the couple, to stand up and say a quick thank you. To your guests. To your vendors. To anyone within earshot. Take the time to say thank yous in a little speech. After all, you invited your guests to celebrate in your day because they mean something to you, let them know that!

  • Buffer Time - This one is simple. Just a little buffer time, here or there, in case things are delayed. It's better to be sitting around waiting than to be rushing and running late! (Don't worry too much about this one, we've got you covered!

LisaMarie and Cory- GALA Events at Sky Gardens

Photography - Sound Originals

Send Off - Send offs are so special becuse all your favorite people are gathering one last time cheer you on and send you off into your new life as newlyweds! Get some sparklers or rice or whatever you want to celebrate the night and make your exit in style!

There are so many things to add to your timeline when planning your day of schedule. Time is going to fly by and we want you to enjoy it. You've just got to tell us what you want, and as your wedding planner, we'll make it happen!

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