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What To Bring With You To The Wedding Venue - Bride Edition | Jubilee Weddings and Events

Whether you're getting ready at a hotel, and then driving to the venue, or getting ready at the venue - we have some tips for you to A. keep everything organized, and B. to only bring things you NEED so you don't have to pack everything up at the end of the night.

Photographed by Wild Felt Photography

Let's start with if you're getting ready off of the venue site -

  1. A change of shoes Many brides bring a pair of shoes to change into after all of the formalities! So bring a pair of shoes that are comfy. And if they're cute, that's also a win!

  2. Makeup to touch up Think about bring a setting powder, lip gloss/ lip stick, or anything you'd like to touch up your makeup with!

  3. Water bottle There's probably water at the venue, but having your own bottle will come in handy! Have a bridesmaid fill it up!

  4. Digital camera This was a fun one that we've been seeing lately! Your bridesmaids can use this for some fun memories.

  5. Phone & Charger Don't forget your phone, even though you won't be using it - but make sure it's in a safe spot with your charger!

  6. Change of clothes if you want to change after Most brides leave in their dress, but more power to you if you want to be cozy leaving the venue as a MRS.! Bring a suit case, and make sure all of this stays in the suitcase!

Photograph by La Capone Images

If you're getting ready ON site, bring everything above, but if you want your MUA to use your makeup, bring your entire makeup bag! Also, if you want to wash your face, do a face mask, etc. think about those items too.

All in all, make sure you bring a great bag / suitcase to keep everything together. The bridal room usually becomes a bit crazy... So keep it together!

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