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Fall Centerpieces | Jubilee Weddings and Events

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Fall weddings are great because during the late September to mid-November months the weather is not too hot and not too cold! Each season brings different elements to a wedding. For fall it brings a cozy element to the wedding - from the food, to the color scheme!

Fall wedding decor

Now with a fall wedding, there are a couple of different colors schemes you could choose from. One of them is a jewel tone which would include emerald, dark red, dark purple, midnight blue, and a small splash of gold. With this color palette, you will want to have floral arrangements as the main focal point of your centerpieces. Since the color palette consists of such deep and dark tones you will want to lighten it up a little with some candles! Incorporating long candlesticks with metal holders that match your palette, adds an elegant touch. The splash of gold could be incorporated into the tableware or the place cards. Another beautiful touch to tie the centerpiece all together, is having a velvet table runner or velvet napkin at each place setting with one of the colors from your palette.

Fall wedding detail photography

Another fun theme is the rustic boho! This theme gives such a warm and cozy feeling throughout the whole decor. The main color in this theme is terracotta with touches of green, white, gold, and beige. The elements to include in your centerpieces will be floral arrangements with pampas grass for that bohemian vibe. Spreading eucalyptus nicely on the table will add that greenery element which keeps it nice and airy! Having a mix of both tall and short candles can take your centerpiece to the next level. Something else to consider when making your centerpiece is framing the table numbers in a double glass frame with a gold or black trim. Including tinted glass either in your vases or glass cups that are a color from your palette will bring it all together!

Spring tablescape

Fall weddings are truly magical, and the color schemes and themes get us WAY too excited to coordinate! No matter what theme you choose, your wedding will be vibrant with color and will look stunning!

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