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Holiday Party Planning | Jubilee Weddings and Events

The holidays are right around the corner, which means, party planning has to begin now! From planning, to executing - there's a lot to do! Today we're going to share our top 4 tips when planning a holiday party. Whether it's a get together for Thanksgiving, or a party for the holiday season, there are ways to do it efficiently, and beautifully.

  1. Color Selection Is KEY!

Photo by Ericka Debois

Whether you've been planning your holiday wedding, or making a menu for 10 for a holiday get together, selecting the right colors can create the perfect ambience for the big day! Obviously, when we think of the holidays, we think about reds and greens, but you can also take really simple colors in the neutral color palette that can create a warm feeling. Play around with both, especially in a floral arrangement, and see what you come up with! If you're putting on a big wedding, chat with your florist!

2. Have A Theme? Stick To It.

If you are putting on a holiday themed event, whether it's for 10 people or 100, pick a theme! We loved this forrest theme, but the options are endless!

3. Party Favors- To Have, Or Not?

Photo by Kathryn Parrott - Kathryn Parrott Photography

Party favors, do we love them or not? We believe their always a sweet gesture, but when it comes to holiday events, even if they are smaller, they aren't completely necessary! After all, you're providing the food, drinks, and a memorable, beautiful event for people to enjoy. If you're looking for some unique party favors for your big day, think about what most people would use, or even provide a little treat for a late night snack!

4. Don't OVER do it. This is easier said than done. Especially when it's a smaller get together, because as party planners, we like to go over the top! But remember, the holidays are to bring people together, and as long as you manage to do that, you've won in their books! Adding a few decorations and putting the effort means a lot to people, so remember that.

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