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How To Be A Good Wedding Guest | Jubilee Weddings and Events

Updated: 6 days ago

Did you know you could be a good wedding guest? It's true, and there are ways to be one... and ways to be a bad one, as well.

What makes one a good or bad wedding guest? That's the question after all, and that's what we're here to discuss! It doesn't matter where or when your wedding is, following the directions of your bride and groom, showing up on time, appropriate timing, etc. is important!

What makes a guest bad? Let's start with the negative first -

- Showing up late.

This is an obvious no, no. You've had months to plan your arrival at this wedding you're attending, so why be late? Plan accordingly, and don't be THAT wedding guest!

-Talking During The Ceremony.

We get it, it's not the most exciting part of a wedding, but it is the most serious and heart-felt moment. It's so important to allow the couple to enjoy themselves and for them to have their time to really embrace each other, without the peanut gallery jabbering away.

-Getting Into The Dinner Line Pre-Maturely.

If the DJ or MC does not tell you to get into line, don't go in line! It's as simple as that. This process just helps the line move along faster, and compliance with the one in charge, will make it much smoother.

-Drinking Too Much.

Obviously, a wedding is a party, but it's for your friends, the bride and groom! If you're getting a little too toasty, people tend to forget what they're there (or whom they're there for).

What makes a good guest? Everything above, but reversed!

-Show Up A Little Early

Don't show up TOO early, because as a wedding planner, it's a little bit inconvenient, but showing up 5/10 minutes before the ceremony begins, is totally acceptable.

-Not Talking During The Ceremony

Of course you can do your awes and oohs and smile - but a good guest will keep their comments to themselves!

-Wait Your Turn.

Waiting your turn for dinner is so important, and those who are good wedding guests understand that.

-Drink, But an Appropriate Amount.

Have fun, let loose, but read the room!

All in all, a wedding is meant to be a celebration, but for the couple! Embrace their love, respect their requests, and enjoy.

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