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Let's Talk About Guest Lists... & The Awkward Questions | Jubilee Weddings and Events

Guest lists are usually a sensitive topic, and there are certain questions related to them that people may avoid discussing openly. You may never chat about these with anyone, but your partner and wedding planning, but here are some guest list questions that might fall into this category.

Photo by Cecily Gubitosi Photography

1. Exclusion Questions:

  • Were there people you deliberately chose not to invite, and what was the reason?

  • Did you have to exclude certain friends or family members due to space or budget constraints?

2. Plus-One Dilemmas:

  • How did you decide which guests would receive a plus-one invitation?

  • Did you encounter any awkward situations with guests requesting additional plus-ones?

3. Last-Minute Changes:

  • Did you have to make any last-minute changes to the guest list, and how did you handle it?

  • Were there any unexpected dropouts or additions close to the wedding day?

4. Work Colleagues and Professional Relationships:

  • How did you navigate inviting or not inviting work colleagues?

  • Did you feel pressured to invite certain people due to professional relationships?

We love asking these questions pre- and post wedding day because it gives us a better idea on how to react to specific events that could appear throughout the wedding day!

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