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Manisha & Sampath - Lord Hill Farms | Jubilee Weddings and Events

In honor of Manisha and Sampath’s one year wedding anniversary, we wanted to rehash this gorgeous wedding weekend because it truly was one of the most beautiful and enlightening weddings we have ever planned. They had a full traditional South Indian wedding that took place over three days, May 26th-28th 2023.

It all started on Friday the 26th with the Mehndi. This was the cocktail party that the bride and groom hosted on their beautiful rooftop villa at their apartment complex. The evening was beautiful and the views were incredible. This celebration was specifically for Manisha to have her wedding henna - or mehendi - artfully crafted on her hands, arms and feet. Henna is an ancient form of body art that uses a reddish-orange stain to adhere to the skin for long periods. The body art symbolizes positive spirits and good luck as the bride and groom continue on their journey in marriage.

Saturday, May 27th was the celebration of Haldi. Haldi is the act of cleansing and purifying a couple's body before they enter into holy matrimony. Additionally, it symbolizes the happy start of a new life together. Haldi is said to safeguard the bride and groom from any negative omen that may damage them before their wedding. Haldi was performed under a Mandap (Indian altar) and the color theme was yellow and orange. Then the couple participated in Mangalasnanam, which means “purifying bath” where a paste of sandalwood, turmeric, and saffron is prepared and applied to the bride and grooms face and body. After Mangalasnanam, the bride and groom broke out into their individual events where they were both showered with love, well wishes and good fortune from their families and friends. 

Their official wedding ceremony was held on the final day, Sunday, May 28th at 8:30am. The time was important because as part of Indian tradition, to ensure your day is as fortune-filled as possible you must have an auspicious date and time to commence the 3 hour ceremony. The ceremony was clad in purples and whites and everything was incredibly beautiful. From the exchanging of rings and varamala (floral garlands), to the Vivaha Homam (ceremonial fire ritual), to the bride and groom sharing their personal vows. Everything was intricately planned and executed beautifully. Manisha and Sampath also participated in the Talambralu (the pouring of rice on each other), the Saptapadi (the seven promises of marriage that a bride and groom take with each step) and the Arundhati Nakshatram (finding of the arundati star with the mandap). After an incredibly delicious spread of lunch, the wedding guests and bride and groom departed for a quick rest and outfit change. Everyone returned around 5:30pm for various performances, dinner and dessert and lots and lots of dancing!

From start to finish the entire wedding weekend was remarkable and inspiring. Each ceremony was unique and personal and the colors that were incorporated were truly stunning. Manisha and Sampath were wonderful to work with and were so full of love and pride throughout this entire weekend. Everything and everyone was so colorful and full of light, which reflected this amazing couple perfectly! This wedding was one for the books and we will forever remember and be thankful for our incredible couples!  


  • Venue: Apartment Rooftop 910 8th Ave, Seattle WA 98104

  • Photographer: Jerome Tso and team 

  • Videographer: DotMatrix 

  • Catering: Masala Stories 


  • Coordinator: Jubilee Weddings and Events

  • Venue: Hilton Garden Inn 22600 Bothell Everett Hwy, Bothell, WA 98021

  • Photographer: Jerome Tso 

  • Videographer: Dot Matrix Creatives 

  • Catering: Ruchi Indian Restaurant 

  • Decorator: Lucky Charms

  • Rentals: American Party Place and Jubilee Weddings and Events


  • Coordinator: Jubilee Weddings and Events

  • Venue, Wedding and Reception: Lord Hill Farms

  • Officiant: Srinivas Bhattar

  • Photographer: Jerome Tso 

  • Videographer: Dot Matrix Creatives

  • Hair, makeup and Saree Draping for Bride: Makeup by Poojasri 

  • Hair, makeup and Saree Draping for Family and Wedding Party: Amazing Eventz Plus 

  • Henna for Bride: Creative Faces by Jain

  • DJ: RDX (Rohit Batra)

  • Catering: Mayuri Indian Cuisine

  • Favors: Adagio Teas and Curry Point 

  • Bartending: Lord Hill Farms 

  • Bakery: 100th Avenue Cakes 

  • Florist: Woodinville Valley Farms 

  • Decorator: Lucky Charms

  • Rentals: American Party Place and Jubilee Weddings and Events

Jubilee Weddings and Events

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