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Party Favors People Will Like | Jubilee Weddings and Events

Have you been to a wedding and totally forgot to grab the party favor? It’s probably because A. it wasn’t accessible, or B. it wasn’t very interesting and you don’t want another kuzi for the beer that you rarely drink… right?

But don’t think we don’t love the whole kuzi favor idea, because it’s GREAT, but we see more of these laying around at the end of the night, then some of the other favors used at a wedding.

When it comes to party favors, people seem to either get on board with them, or they totally disregard them and don’t do them at all! Either way is totally OK, but there's a way to make them stand out, to make sure everyone takes one home!

If you end up doing the kuzis, place them on each table setting, or in the middle of the table. That way they can put it with their belongings, and will be more likely to take one home!

Name tags can also be a great way to let your guests know that you thought about them! The name tags pictured above, taken by Brit Solie, are a great example! We’ve even seen peoples’ name plates as bottle openers! Which is practical and beautiful.

Another way of saying thank you, is with a little bottle of champagne or even Martinelli's sparkling cider pictured above! Rachel and Joshua also did name plates made out of marble… How cool is that? I’d put one of these in our office! This way, the Martinelli’s can be used to CHEERS with! Bonus… add a straw, you can avoid using another glass!

Photographer: Taylor and Madye

Let’s talk more about being able to use your party favor… raise your hand if you LOVE hot sauce? Joshua and Rachel sure do, and they made sure to spread their love with a party favor! The customization is adorable, and again, it’s able to be used.

Photographer: Taylor and Madye

Who says you can’t offer dessert as a party favor? Sure, you can’t really customize the font or ensure that your guests will keep a tangible item, but they’ll remember how tasty your dessert was, and that’s a win in our book!

Photographer: Taylor and Madye

Think of creative ways to be able to USE your favors - that way you won’t be left with 50 party favors at the end of the night.

We hope this helps inspire you to select favors that won’t be left behind.

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