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Selecting Wedding Colors | Jubilee Weddings and Events

Photo by Hannah Mei Photography

Deciding what color theme to have for your wedding can be such an exciting process! There are so many colors in the world and all are unique and beautiful and can make any wedding pop! Whether you go for bold, expressive shades or more neutral, earthy tones, your wedding colors make such a fun statement. Here are some of our tips to help you nail down what color pallet you decide on to align with your vision of your dream wedding.

Start by considering your personal preferences. Obviously, it’s incredibly important that you enjoy the colors in the scheme you’re choosing. So, stick to your preferences. If you don’t like purple, then steer clear of it. If your signficant other refuses to have yellow, then cross that off the list. Decide what basic colors you want and play around with possible combinations using only those colors. 

Which Season Are You Getting Married in? Summer weddings tend to lean more towards brighter, warmer colors. While winter weddings entail darker, bolder shades. Are you wanting one main statement color or multiple lighter complementary ones?  Consider where your venue is. Is it indoors or outdoors? Are there decorations or unique aspects such as brick walls or built in arbors? If your venue already has a certain color scheme, finding colors that compliment those would help everything flow more easily. Outdoor weddings tend to have a bit more expressive freedom because they aren’t clashing with any other colors but those of nature. 

Photo by Hannah Mei Photography

Which leads us into suggesting you start by choosing a handful of colors that complement each other well. Then honing down the hues and tones more specifically. There are many websites out there that offer more scientific basing on complimentary colors, including The Knot, Wedding Wire and Zola. We recommend choosing one or two primary color hues, then adding two to three secondary supporting colors. For example, if you want a sage green wedding theme, sage will be your primary color. Then consider softer secondary colors such as golds, pale orange, lighter shades of greens and even beige or white. The more secondary shades you have to work with will make it easier for you to tie decorations, florals, signage, and tableware together more flawlessly. Create a few different color palettes that have various shades of your favorite colors and see how they would all look tied together.

Flowers are a huge part of weddings. So, consider what florals you’re wanting and what colors those flowers come in. If it’s already been decided you want red roses as your floral decorations, then consider complimenting that red with navy blue, dark grey and greens and whites. Or if bold florals aren’t a priority then stick to neutral greenery and white flowers which will compliment all wedding colors.    

No matter what color scheme you choose, make sure it’s what YOU want and what will make YOU happy. Consider what resources you have and what your vendors offer and let that help guide you towards your scheme.  But remember, there are no strict rules, so play around with combinations and palettes and let your uniqueness shine!

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