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The Peak Wedding Month In Washington State | Jubilee Weddings and Events

As you may, or may not know, Washington State is a rainy state, but there are a few months out of the year that it is absolutely beautiful and perfect for an outdoor wedding. If you're looking to get married outside of these specific months, have a plan B and select a venue that has an indoor option.

Photo By Elishia Jackson Photography

The wettest months, to be expected, is December - February and into March, April and sometimes in May. The driest months are between July and September! What we love about Washington weddings, is that it never gets too hot, even without the downpour!

Photo by Hannah Brooke Photography

Keep in mind that although these months are suggested by many professionals, we are not weathermen and cannot predict whether it will rain or not! ALWAYS have a back up, even in the heat of the summer. Washington has gotten very toasty before, so shade is another thing you need to be sure you have... just in case.

Here are some tips when your planning for a "Plan B"-

Photos don't go as planned because of the rain, or beating down sun? We recommend renting Peerspace Studio! They are amazing, and photos turn out gorgeous! They'll truly transform your photos.

Is it in the middle of summer? Rent a tent! & if you're outside, start your ceremony a little later in the evening... your guests will thank you! You can even include fans, umbrellas, and water of course!

Photo By TM Inspired Photography

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