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2022 Wedding Trends | Jubilee Weddings and Events

We all know that various trends come and go throughout the years. With style, comfort and affordability ever changing, specific highly used trends tend to fluctuate in style as well; weddings being one of the big ones. Whether you're trying to keep up with the what's "in" in the wedding industry or you're planning a wedding and want to gravitate away from popular trends for a more eccentric experience, here's a few trends we've seen grow while planning and coordinating weddings in 2022.

Non-Traditional Wedding Gowns

Photography - Sarah Joy Fields

One of the biggest statement pieces tends to be the brides dress. Although the bride deserves a stylish, jaw dropping, extravagant gown, she also deserves comfortability and affordability. We've seen a big shift from the more traditional, bodice style dresses to looser, flowy and simple gowns that offer brides comfort all day and don't break the bank.


Photography - Malorie Kerouac

It seems like cakes are becoming a more personal item for just the bride and groom rather than to cut and share with all the guests. We've seen some pretty scrumptious desserts pop up in more recent weddings. From donuts and mini pies to ice cream bars and s'more's stations. It's fun to get creative with what is offered as dessert and it adds a bit of individuality.

Food Menus

Photography - Kendra Kerscher

What once was more a buffet style, grab and go, is now a more structured multi-course served meal. The choice of protein is often seen with the RSVP information, and your hand-picked meal is being served to you at your seat at the reception. This helps the planners pin down a more exact food/beverage budget while making the meal a bit more personal and intimate.

Seating Charts

Photography - Taylor and Madye Photography

Structured, assigned seating arrangements at receptions is seemingly more and more popular. There's tons of pros to arranged seating (see our previous blog!) which includes better organization, conversation and chaos elimination. There are also many elegant and creative ways to display table seating assignments.

Unique Arbors

Photography - South of Indigo Photography (California)

Besides the couple, the arbor is generally the most prominent, stand out piece during a wedding ceremony. And couples are getting more and more creative with their arbor shape and detail. The traditional square shape is being replaced by circles, triangles, doors and florals. The sky is the limit on this and we love seeing everyone's different taste!

So, whether you're looking to blend in with wedding trends, or avoid them, here are a handful of more recent trends that have popped up prevalently in 2022. We expect them to keep changing and evolving and we will be here to update you as they do! Happy wedding planning!

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