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Common Wedding Terms Pt.1 | Jubilee Weddings and Events

Now that you're diving head first into planning your wedding, you're going to come across a lot of information and terms you may not be entirely familiar with. A lot of words might be thrown at you from your friends, family, vendors and coordinator (that's us!) that may be a little confusing. So, to make things easier on you, we put together a little list of common wedding terms. These are pertaining particularly to decorations and details but stick around and we will be back with more!

Charger - This is a decorative base that is placed under the dinnerware for a more formal table setting. The plate is usually set on the charger as decoration before the meal starts and often times is removed once the plates are full of food and guests start eating.

Escort Cards - Another fancy word for seating charts at a reception. Escort cards generally direct your guests to a specific table rather than to a specific seat, allowing for a more structured seating arrangement but not as strict as actual place cards.

Palette - A palette refers to your color choices you plan to use in your wedding. Your palette may consist of one or two main colors but also has a variety of different accents and shades that compliment your main color choices.

Tablescape - This term is used to describe a specific arrangement of decorations on tables. A tablescape usually consists of all décor, centerpieces and florals that make a table arrangement a whole.

Program - This is a pamphlet or handout that contains the wedding and reception timeline for the guests. The program is generally set out for guests to grab as they show up for the ceremony that may contain information from specific bridal party names or song artists to more general description of events based on time.

Stay tuned for more information on common weddings terms. If you're planning, we are here to help!

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