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Engaged? Congratulations! Now What? | Jubilee Weddings and Events

Congratulations! You're engaged! But... now what? From budgeting, to booking vendors, to venue tours & more - it can get very stressful and overwhelming! But we're here to tell you that this time in your life NEEDS to be celebrated! Being stressed A. won't help you with this process, and B. won't allow you to let go and enjoy the process.

As we say a lot, let the professionals do what they do! What we mean by that is, if there's something electrically wrong in your home, you may try and fix it, but ultimately, the electrician is the expert and will be the one to fix it. Same with wedding planners. If you decide to plan your wedding on your own, with a friend, or a parent - that's wonderful! But even on the day of your wedding, it's SO important to have someone take the reins and run the day.

As a Washington based wedding planning company, we work with couples who want to elope, couples who want a destination wedding, and couples who want to get married locally with a lot of people! From 25 people to 400 people, we know what to do, how to handle the stress, and how to calm your nerves. It's what we do!

So your next step, in our opinion, is to decide whether you want to take on the budget, the appointment making, the constant contact with vendors, the creation of a timeline, the tedious details regarding the decorations and location. Then, whether you decide to hire a planner or not, decide what you want to let go of... and then let's chat!

Remember that even if you hire a planner, that doesn't mean you're letting go of control. You're letting go of the stress. You're letting go of the small details that can be missed by someone who has never planned a wedding before. We hope to hear from you soon!

Congratulations again,

The Jubilee Weddings and Events Team

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