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How To: Create The Perfect Wedding Registry | Jubilee Weddings and Events

Wedding registries... we love to love them, but they can get a little hard to navigate. The questions running through your mind are probably - do I decide with my significant other, or do I do this by myself? Do I ask my friends, family, etc. what they're willing to purchase as a gift? Do I make a honeymoon fund and add items that we need for the house?

We're here to answer these questions, and more! So sit back, grab a note pad, and let's dive into wedding registries.

  1. How Do You Decide What To Put On It? In our experience, doing this with your significant other is a fun way to connect and come together throughout the chaos. Planning a wedding is a lot of work, so sit on the couch together and enjoy the process. Look around your house, go on Pinterest, maybe go on wish lists throughout the internet and research some things you could potentially utilize in your house! Even if it's decor, and you've been eyeing it - put it on there, because why not?

  2. What If I Want a Honey Fund? When it comes to a honey fund, which is a honeymoon fund, it can be quite simple to add to your registry! Now, if you're asking if we recommend adding household items, and having a honey fund, why not?! It's your big day, and some people might be feeling generous. If you really don't need anything, then just add the honey fund link to your wedding website or invitations.

  3. Where Do I Start? When it comes to starting a registry, like I mentioned in #1, research! Look in wedding magazines, online, even search others' registries and see what you could actually use. For example - a Nespresso, or a Dutch Oven. These are highly requested items that are so simple to add to your registry!

  4. Can I Have People Contribute? Absolutely! Most registry websites will allow you to toggle the "have people contribute" button. If you have a really expensive item that you'd feel bad if granny bought it for you... add a contribution option.

Registries are supposed to be a way for people who are attending your wedding, to be able to help you get your life started with your significant other. So if you have one, maximize it! If you don't, a honey fund is the way to go.

Jubilee Weddings and Events LLC

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