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Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Wedding at Crystal Mountain

Photo by Lyndsey Greene Photography

Not everyone wants a huge extravagant wedding, and that is perfectly okay! Some of us would love a smaller and intimate wedding, and having a smaller guest list can be a great option for some, and it could benefit you greatly in the end!

You have to admit, planning a wedding can be stressful, and that is why sometimes couples prefer a smaller guest list! Having less people at your wedding, will allow you to connect more with your guest list, and make it more about you and your partner! Larger weddings are fun, but they can bring more outside opinions and expectations, which as we all know, isn't very fun!

Salish Lodge Wedding

Photo by South of Indigo

Having a smaller wedding can also be more cost-effective! The cost of food, drinks, and the amount of decor needed can go down significantly. You will not need as much compared to a bigger wedding which can leave more room for other costs you might want to splurge on like the dress or honeymoon, for example.

With intimate weddings comes more venue options! When you have a limit of how many people can attend, many more doors open! Some people like to get married in unique places but those places only have so much space, therefore, are not able to hold larger weddings. So find the beauty in a smaller wedding - it's possible for it to be JUST as fun!

The most special part of having an intimate wedding is that you are surrounded by your closest friends and family. The ones with who you are in constant contact with and are there to genuinely celebrate you! Intimate weddings makes it easier to talk and enjoy your wedding with your guest because with a larger wedding it can be hard making sure to see everyone that came. Most importantly, you have more time to spend your special day with your special person because that is what your wedding day is truly about!

If you are having a hard time deciding on a big wedding or an intimate wedding, choose what feels best to you because no matter what you choose it will be remarkable either way!

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