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Staying Calm While Planning - A Few Tips During A Pandemic

Planning a wedding during a pandemic is never easy, and we know there are plenty of obstacles that come your way when planning a wedding without this to worry about… so today, we’re going to give you a few tips on how to stay calm during this entire process!

#1 - Remember, You’re Getting MARRIED! The most exciting day of your life is coming up, that should release some kind of stress! Don’t allow the stress of planning to come in the way of you enjoying every moment of your journey to the big day. Every moment should be special - remember that!

#2 - Hire A Professional

Obviously, our number one recommendation is to hire a wedding coordinator, but for good reason! We have come into this profession to HELP our couples make sure that stress disappears. Even if you hire a coordinator for the day of, make it happen. Make room in your budget to have a professional coordinator assist you.

#3 - If You Love Wine, Have A Glass Whether it’s wine, or a cup of tea, drink something nightly that will relax you. This will take the edge off of the intense details, and allow you to dream of a beautiful day. Cheers to you my friend.

#4 - Change Your Mindset

No one ever wants to become a bridezilla, but sometimes it happens. With the stress and emotions of the biggest day of your life - it will feel like there is a ton of pressure on you. Don’t allow the stress to deter you from what is really important - and that’s marrying the love of your life.

With all of these tips, we hope you can become relaxed, and enjoy the process.

Happy Planning!

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