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Sweet Heart Tables | Jubilee Weddings and Events

Let's talk about the sweetheart table for a minute! If you don't know what it is, it’s a small table at the reception that seats only the married couple. The sweetheart table usually faces the rest of the guests, with their family members and bridal party usually seated nearby. This is an alternative option instead of having one large table that seats the couple and the entire bridal party.

Photography - Taylor and Madye Photography

Having a sweetheart table allows for a bit more intimate and private seating option. After a hectic day of getting ready, getting married and managing everything that comes in between, it's nice to have a bit of seclusion to truly enjoy yourself and your partner. Having a sweetheart table will allow you and your partner to chat and eat together while taking in the reception and all your guests who have gathered to celebrate you.

Photography - Kendra Kerscher

There are tons of fun ways to spice up your sweetheart table and make it stand out. From couches, to lounge chairs, to love seats and king and queen chairs, there are many unique seating options that will make the sweetheart table comfortable and stylish. You can also add decorations such as a Mr. and Mrs. signs, an arbor and lots of florals. Make your sweetheart table as extravagant and elegant that you wish, after all, the day is yours, bask in it!

Photography Kendra Kersher

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