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Things To Consider When Hiring a DJ / Live Band | Jubilee Weddings And Events

When you're booking your vendors, there are always things you should consider! When you hire a wedding planner, specifically Jubilee Weddings and Events in Washington, *wink wink* you also hire a friend who will be by your side when making these decisions!

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Let's chat about the pros and cons of both DJS and Live Bands -

The Pros Of A DJ -

-They have a large back log of music.

We don't know about you, but having options is a HUGE deal, especially when you get a large group of people together to party and dance the night away! Some couples choose to forgo the whole request a song thing, but many people love that aspect, and DJS usually deliver!

-They have an EMCEE.

What is an emcee? It's an individual who, gets the party started and someone who keeps everything organized, especially when you have a timeline! We love these individuals as wedding planners. We're not afraid of the microphone, but DJS definitely entertain better then we do!

The CONS Of Hiring a DJ-

-Lack Of A Unique Flare

They could play the same music at your wedding (unless asked otherwise) as someone else's wedding you just attended. So, the unique factor isn't really there.

-Could Be A Quiet EMCEE Without Excitment

Obviously, if you interview a few DJS you'll notice if they're a bit on the quiet side, or if you're not vibing well with them - but sometimes, because we're all human, a DJ can lack energy on your big day, and under deliver.

The PROS Of Hiring A Live Band

-UNIQUE Music and Sound

Live bands are fun, different and memorable. Usually, a wedding singer or a band will have a specific genre that they specialize in, which means if you're a big country fan, you can find a band that specifically plays your favorite music!

-Lively & Real

We love live bands for the fact that they're always lively, and they're real people with incredible talent! If you're getting married outside, it brings a certain feeling that many people skip out on with a DJ.

The CONS Of Hiring a Live Band

-Very Streamlined

What we mean by this, is that live bands, like mentioned above are very one genre oriented. You could find a band that has a variety of songs, or decades in their set list, but it isn't super common. They may not know your new favorite song.

-Time Limit Usually a band will only play for 2-3 hours, then they have to leave. Sometimes if a couple wants a live band, we recommend hiring a DJ for the end of the night, or even during the ceremony, and bringing in the live band for dinner and formal dances. Best of both worlds!

Whether you go with a DJ or Live band, specifically in the Pacific North West, you will be happy! Just make sure you do some interviews so you select the perfect company.

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