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Let’s talk about wedding websites, and why you may or may not need one!

First of all, wedding websites in our opinion, ROCK. Especially in the day and age of technology, it is so helpful to refer to ONE website, rather than having people ask you a million and one questions.

So let’s get into why you should, or shouldn’t create a wedding website in detail -

Why you SHOULD -

  1. Information At Your Fingertips As mentioned previously, having information in one location is a GAME changer. Add this website link to your invitations, and BOOM - everyone with a phone or website will be in the loop, and you won’t be receiving text messages on the day of your wedding as to where to go, what time the ceremony is, what’s for dinner, etc.

  2. You Can Make It Personable

We’re big fans because we get to know our couples and their friends a little bit better before meeting the whole clan! Usually with a wedding website, comes bios about their bridal party, which we appreciate as the wedding planners. This gives us a chance to feel out the room and feel connected. Afterall, we’re in this together!

  1. Registry Information Instead of having a list of your different registries you had so much fun registering with on your invitation - save room, and add it to your website! You can literally say, “Go to - for our registry.” and BOOM, they will (hopefully) know to go there.


There aren’t many reasons why you shouldn’t have a website, but one that sticks in our head is-

  1. If you have a small wedding, this may not be necessary! Especially with the whole pandemic, many people are still uncomfortable with having a big wedding. So instead, just do an EVITE with information (if you prefer). That way, you can avoid printing, and add all of the information there. This is similar to a website obviously, but without the tangible invitation.

Again, nowadays, most people have an email, but of course we enjoy the “old school” way of doing things, with a hard copy to put on the fridge!

If you have any questions about wedding websites, be sure to reach out.

Thanks for reading!

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