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What To Splurge On | Jubilee Weddings and Events

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

A wedding in general IS a splurge, right? But there are a few things that, as wedding planners, believe you SHOULD splurge on. Whether it’s for an elopement, or a big wedding - let’s dive in!

So let’s talk about elopements first.

Eloping can save a lot of money on the tedious details, so why not go BIG for it? First of all, we believe you should always splurge on a wedding planner/coordinator. Want to know this difference between the two? Check out this blog post explaining the difference.

Let us take care of the little details, so you two can focus on each other. Afterall, you elope to avoid stress right? Whether you want to get married at the courthouse down the road, or in Hawaii, we can help with the logistics. So that’s the first splurge, a coordinator. The second for an elopement, would be a great brunch/dinner spot. Or in this instance pictured above, create a sweetheart table, get some champagne, and celebrate on your own! Or, celebrate with family and friends out and about for brunch! Treat yourselves in anyway you see fit. Lastly, grab a hotel room, maybe even for a few nights! A honeymoon can still happen even if you didn’t do the big wedding.

Let’s chat about what to splurge on during a big wedding, shall we?!

Photographer - Taylor and Madye

We all know big weddings can range from 25k+ so it’s important to narrow down what is very important to you. Is it the cake, florals, dance floor, DJ, food, hair and makeup, or the dress/tux? Whatever it is, maybe select two, and base your budget around those two important items. With a big wedding, more food is needed, more rentals, more of everything really - so hiring a professional to keep an eye on your budget will be helpful!

All in all, splurging can be done on either side. Whether you’re eloping to Hawaii, or having a big 400+ wedding party on a ranch, just focus on what you both really want.

Have any questions? Make sure to reach out to us! We’d love to help.

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